Kate O'Connor Morris

Writer & Creative Strategist

Kate O'Connor Morris is a writer & creative strategist based out of her hometown, Brooklyn, NY. She published her first poetry at the age of nineteen while studying at Smith College. She went on to become the college's poet laureate. Her essay "Forgotten Brooklyn" was the first feature in the notorious literary journal, Evergreen Review, and is taught widely as an example of creative journalism.

Her writing and brand strategy work has included clients from the National Parks Service, GAP, Triumph Motors, Harley Davidson, and 20th Century Fox.

In 2013 Harley Davidson recruited Kate as an integral cog in their creative engine. They handed her a motorcycle and told her to ride cross-country and reimagine the road trip. She infiltrated outlaw motorcycle groups, slept in ditches, crossed the United States with one pair of pants and no tent, and produced in their 2014 campaign, "Lost Road." The concept was also honored in the Harley Davidson Museum's cultural exhibitions.


In 2015 she wrote the film 21 Days Under the Sky for Fox Searchlight. Released in May 2016 as a Netflix Original, it has since become the most watched motorcycle documentary of its time, translated into 13 languages and screened globally. It is currently playing on Delta and United Airlines.

Kate is a former blogger and opinion columnist at Independent News and MTV. Her work has been published in the New York Post, Sirius XM, Unwinnable, & DiCE Magazine. She is a contributing writer to La Motocyclette and Craftrad.

Kate currently directs digital platforms and social media at Vimeo. She is also shopping an original pilot and screenplay for representation. 


Photographer: Michael Schmidt

Festivals: Wheels & Waves, Brooklyn Motorcycle Film Festival 2013 & 2016, Lisbon Motorcycle Film Festival, Five College Poetry Fest